Saturday, October 15, 2011


What will it take to develop small scale rocket launchers for attaining orbit? What can we do if we get there on a small scale? On this blog, I hope to discuss various aspects of how to do this and to keep us updated on relevant news, technologies and developments related to accessing and utilizing space on a manageable scale.

A big focus will be on rocket technologies since it is currently only with rockets that we are able to get beyond Earth’s atmosphere in any significant way.Yes, there will be math involved; get used to it. We'll be pushing the envelope of common thinking on these subjects and we'll need to know what the universe allows us to do.

I want to explore mostly how small and manageable we can make the rockets, satellites, probes and support equipment for accessing and utilizing the rest of the universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

My hope is that I spark discussion, interest and further development of ideas and technologies and help all of us better understand how we can access space ourselves.

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