Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Graham Sortino's Rocket Work

Small-Liquid-Fueled-Rocket-Engines on Fubar Labs Site

Graham Sortino has been very busy with his small rocket projects. He's been making great progress. Here's a list of some of them. Check out his progress.

  • Igniters:
    • Air / Ethanol Igniter Engine (2012)
    • Gaseous Oxygen (GOX) / Ethanol Igniter Engine (2012)
    • GOX / Ethanol Igniter v2 (2014)
    • GOX / Ethanol Igniter v3 3D Printed (2014)
  • Engines:
    • 3D Printed Engine (2014)
  • Software & Hardware
  • Rocket Engine Test Stand
  • Propellant Flow Testing
  • Thermal Analysis of Steady State Engines (Cooling)

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