Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deep Space Industries Claims Asteroid Mining Coming

Deep Space Industries Claims Asteroid Mining Coming
Deep Space Industries, 22 January 2013

Deep Space Industries believes the human race is ready to begin harvesting the resources of space both for their use in space and to increase the wealth and prosperity of the people of planet Earth.

Our philosophy is to drive towards the achievement of this guiding Vision while securing a strong reputation as a credible, nimble and profitable commercial space operations, mining and manufacturing firm, with a no-nonsense, high integrity can do attitude.

Our Mission is clear: DSI will build on the incredible heritage of the first age of space exploration and harness the power of a new age of information to locate, explore, harvest and utilize the vast numbers of asteroids in Earth’s community. We will do so by being creative and practical – taking small steps to begin with, and giant leaps when we can – to supply our customers and provide a new and hopeful future for humanity.

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